Sales Tax Policy

Welcome to Leightner Electronics, where transparency and clarity are integral parts of our commitment to excellent service. This Sales Tax Policy is designed to provide you with a clear understanding of how sales tax is applied to your purchases on our platform.

Sales Tax Rates

Sales tax rates are determined based on various factors, including the location of the shipping address and applicable state and local tax laws. The sales tax applied to your order will be calculated during the checkout process and will be clearly outlined on your order summary.

Sales Tax Refunds

Leightner Electronics is unable to provide refunds for sales tax amounts after an order has been placed. Sales tax is remitted to the appropriate tax authorities, and any adjustments or refunds must be addressed through the relevant tax agencies.

Tax-Exempt Purchases

If your purchase qualifies for a tax exemption, please follow these steps:
Contact Us: Reach out to our customer support team at
Provide Documentation Submit any required documentation for tax-exempt status.
Verification: Our team will review the provided documentation and, upon approval, set up your account for tax-exempt purchases.

Changing Sales Tax Rates

Sales tax rates are subject to change based on state and local tax laws. In the event of a change in the sales tax rate applicable to your order, you will be notified during the checkout process before completing your purchase.